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May 8, 2007

5th KEYWORDs: 10 CSS

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google: 10 CSS

  1. Ten CSS tricks you may not know
  2. Ten more CSS tricks you may not know
  3. My Top Ten CSS Tricks
  4. 10 CSS Tips You Might Not Have Known About
  5. 10 Quick Tips for an Easier CSS Life

and one more from, not 10 google search results

  1. (The Only) Ten Things To Know About CSS

April 29, 2007

Create a wordpress theme from scratch

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This concludes part one of my WordPress theme dissection.


Part two will focus on the sidebar, and will also add a more attractive header and footer.


Part three will look at the posts section


and part four will finish the remaining details. Hope to see you there!

 Enjoy 4 parts above, very educational for newbies to learn how to create wordpress blog theme and learn CSS also.

April 22, 2007

5 websites – 5 articles

Filed under: My — cssquestions @ 3:13 am is a website that webdesigners (loving CSS 😉 ) usually visit and make their bookmarks.

 And I pick from the delicious some must-read-websites and must-read-articles can make your more love (not make love you more, jk :D) of CSS.

1) Smashing Magazine:

A Magazine about WebDesign …: They are always collecting Webdesign ShowCase and making some amazing stats/interviews. A good link resources.

Their 5 must-read-articles:

  1. 35 Designers x 5 Questions
  2. 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

to be continueeee…

2. A List A Part:

A Blog of Web Designer who loves Web Standards …

to be continueeee…

How to design a webiste?

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Sometimes people wonder how a webdesigner design a website? What is their thought???
Now let us see a way from NOTHING into APPLYING your xHTML+CSS knowledge.

1. Deal with your clients

2. Initial Drafts And Sketches

3. Photoshop Mock Up

4. Finalize The Design
5. Apply your xHTML and CSS knowledge 🙂

For detail, click here:

 Is it interesting?

But if you’ve never made a website and want to do it now, please learn the easiest thing first: Learn How To Create a Blank Website

How to deal with you clients???

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You first should know the type of client you will work with:
Is he/she :

1) The Low-Tech Client

who said: The website looks great! … erm, can you fax it to me???

2) The Uninterested Client

who said: yeah, I dunno… just do it, OK.

3) The Hands-On Client

who said: Can you just angle the camera at 46.5 degree and then make sure
that you …

4) The Paranoid Client

who said: Sure, just sign this … and this … and now initial here ..

5) The Appreciative Client

Who said: Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! Please, bear my children!

6) The Get-a-Good-Deal Client

Who said: Don’t worry about the first part, only half the third part and if
I promise you more work maybe you can give 30% off?

7) The I’ll-Know-It-When-I-See-It Client

Who said: Look, I don’t know what I want … I just know that’s not

8) The Always-Urgent Client

Who said: Great, I need the website built in an hour’s time…That won’t be a
problem, will it?

9) The Decision-By-Committee Client

Who said: Well! I like it but Showna thinks it should be purple

10)The Doormat Client

Who said: Oh! we were too busy to make that deadline? Never mind…I totally

11)The Budget Client

Who said: We love your stuff but we have only $100. Will that works??

12)The You-Should- Be-So-Lucky Client

Who said: Our cread should be payment enough!!!

and then how should you do -> click here to read the detail:

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