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May 8, 2007

10 amazing or confusing things newbies may not know about CSS

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  1. div and span are also called tag like every Other-Tags (such as p, h1, h2, b, i, u, br, strong, etc., )
  2. each tag has its own function (ex: p-tag to make paragraph, h1-tag to make a “biggest” header, b-tag to make text bold, br-tag to make a line break, etc.,). But div-tag and span-tag may be the exceptions 😉 .
  3. you can change the function of every tag by applying CSS to it (ex: force the i-tag to make text bold against its own default function making text italic, etc.,) . [how?]
  4. you can force the div-tag and span-tag do the function of every tag you want by using CSS (ex: use span-tag to make text bold, etc.,) [how?]
  5. browsers ignore the CSS elements if it cannot detect which tag CSS apply to. [how? & why we need to use id & class to name the tag?]
  6. div-tag is box and follow the rule of “box model”. [how?]
  7. div-tag is usually used for making layout. [why?]
  8. span-tag to markup text.[when?]
  9. Default tag functions are different in different browsers. [how?]
  10. CSS may works in different ways in different browsers. [when?]

Note: the questions in square-blankets is for u :), but maybe it’s hard for u to answer this time.


May 7, 2007

Editors I used

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My first softwares I’ve used for edit HTML and CSS files is Notepad.

And then, when I was looking for some more convenient editors, I found PSPad and TopStyle Lite.

PSPad is used for editing (x)HTML file.

TopStyle Lite is for CSS files. (There is also  TopStyle Pro with some advanced feature, but I like the simple of TopStyle Lite).

They are both free and good enough to edit.

===Note for Unicode Editing in PSPad: ===

Unicode (utf-8) is not default setting for new file in PSPad.

To edit utf-8, click Menu: Format > UTF-8.

To change option(s) for saved UTF-8 files, click Menu: Settings > Program Settings > Program Behavior

May 4, 2007

Comparing between Building Website and Building House

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=== CSS from Civil Engineer’s eye ===

Before my decision to become a web designer, I was a Civil Engineer.  Today I have had an idea to compare between the work of building a website with house building work flow



—- to be continue …………………

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