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May 8, 2007

5th KEYWORDs: 10 CSS

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google: 10 CSS

  1. Ten CSS tricks you may not know
  2. Ten more CSS tricks you may not know
  3. My Top Ten CSS Tricks
  4. 10 CSS Tips You Might Not Have Known About
  5. 10 Quick Tips for an Easier CSS Life

and one more from, not 10 google search results

  1. (The Only) Ten Things To Know About CSS

April 22, 2007

4th KEYWORDs: css from scratch

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Google search: css from scratch

1) Creating a CSS Design from Scratch

2) Creating a CSS layout from scratch


  1. Step One: Create a Barebones HTML Page
  2. Step Two: Define the Main Sections
  3. Step Three: Create the CSS File

Bonus Tip: Adding an Image


  • Create CSS Menus
  • Manage Layouts

3rd KEYWORDs: web standard benefit

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Google search: web standard benefit

1) The benefits of Web Standards to your visitors, your clients and you

2) The Business Benefits of Web Standards – MDC

3) the business value of web standards

4) benefits of using Web standards for business sites


A) Why use CSS to separate content from presentation:

  • Easier to make site-wide changes – one css file rather than all pages
  • Smaller files/ faster download – less code on the page
  • Less code on the page – easier to code
  • Allows users to customise to their own needs – style switchers
  • More control over code – can deliver code in preferred order for screen readers
  • B) Business Benefits of Web Standards

    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Site wide look and feel consistency
    • 3 Improved User Experience: Uses less bandwidth, loads faster
    • 4 Increase Website Traffic
      • 4.1 Better search engine ranking
      • 4.2 Accommodate Multiple Platforms
    • 5 Future-proof
    • 6 Extensibility
    • 7 Reduce cost of maintenance
      • 7.1 Benefits of CSS over JavaScript
      • 7.2 Well-formed HTML code
    • 8 Compatible with newer browsers
      • 8.1 The Netscape 4 and IE4 exceptions
    • 9 Accessibility
    • 10 Reducing dependency on any one developer
    • 11 Benefits to web site visitors
    • 12 Conclusion

    2nd KEYWORDs: css tutorial

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    google search: css tutorial (cool for understanding CSS in action, ready to copy and paste to

    ok, so much tutorials may make you confusing where to start, (and that’s why you’re here 🙂 ) but you can read it sometimes.

    Tutorials is food for your CSS

    My Blog is exercises for your CSS

    You need both.

    But remember to keep your balance. So much food is not good, so much exercises is not good too. Theory & Practice is 2 shoes for your legs 😉

    1st KEYWORDs: css questions

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    detail click here:

    google search: css questions

    1) CSS FAQ: for HTML (not xHTML)

    2) CSS FAQ: How to style your content with CSS

    3) CSS & Dreamweaver

    Blog at