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May 8, 2007

10 amazing or confusing things newbies may not know about CSS

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  1. div and span are also called tag like every Other-Tags (such as p, h1, h2, b, i, u, br, strong, etc., )
  2. each tag has its own function (ex: p-tag to make paragraph, h1-tag to make a “biggest” header, b-tag to make text bold, br-tag to make a line break, etc.,). But div-tag and span-tag may be the exceptions ūüėČ .
  3. you can change the function of every tag by applying CSS to it (ex: force the i-tag to make text bold against its own default function making text italic, etc.,) . [how?]
  4. you can force the div-tag and span-tag do the function of every tag you want by using CSS (ex: use span-tag to make text bold, etc.,) [how?]
  5. browsers ignore the CSS elements if it cannot detect which tag CSS apply to. [how? & why we need to use id & class to name the tag?]
  6. div-tag is box and follow the rule of “box model”. [how?]
  7. div-tag is usually used for making layout. [why?]
  8. span-tag to markup text.[when?]
  9. Default tag functions are different in different browsers. [how?]
  10. CSS may works in different ways in different browsers. [when?]

Note: the questions in square-blankets is for u :), but maybe it’s hard for u to answer this time.


8th ques: CSS quiz from w3schools

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I’ve copied it here so we can discuss about it.

1.     What does CSS stand for?

Creative Style Sheets
Computer Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Colorful Style Sheets

2.     What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?

<style src=”mystyle.css”>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”mystyle.css”>

3.     Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?

In the <body> section
In the <head> section
At the top of the document
At the end of the document

4.     Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?


5.     Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?


6.     Which is the correct CSS syntax?

body {color: black}

7.     How do you insert a comment in a CSS file?

/* this is a comment */
// this is a comment //
‘ this is a comment
// this is a comment

8.     Which property is used to change the background color?


9.     How do you add a background color for all <h1> elements?

h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF}
h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}
all.h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}

10.     How do you change the text color of an element?


11.     Which CSS property controls the text size?


12.     What is the correct CSS syntax for making all the <p> elements bold?

p {text-size:bold}
<p style=”font-size:bold”>
<p style=”text-size:bold”>
p {font-weight:bold}

13.     How do you display hyperlinks without an underline?

a {decoration:no underline}
a {text-decoration:no underline}
a {underline:none}
a {text-decoration:none}

14.     How do you make each word in a text start with a capital letter?

You can’t do that with CSS

15.     How do you change the font of an element?


16.     How do you make the text bold?


17.     How do you display a border like this:
The top border = 10 pixels
The bottom border = 5 pixels
The left border = 20 pixels
The right border = 1pixel?

border-width:5px 20px 10px 1px
border-width:10px 5px 20px 1px
border-width:10px 1px 5px 20px
border-width:10px 20px 5px 1px

18.     How do you change the left margin of an element?


19. ¬†¬†¬† To define the space between the element’s border and content, you use the padding

property, but are you allowed to use negative values?


20.     How do you make a list that lists its items with squares?

type: 2
type: square
list-type: square
list-style-type: square

May 4, 2007

7th ques: Why & When we use id & class?

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id & class is the heart of CSS. Do you know why we need to use id & class. And when we use “id”, when we use “class”?

 This is an VERY, VERY, VERY important question.

And one more extra question: do you know what does “div” mean? what “div” is stand for?

May 1, 2007

6th ques: Can you create a simple Navigation Menu?

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A website must have a Navigation Menu (or Navigation Bar). Can you create a Navigation Menu like the following one:

Picture of Navigation Menu

==============Some more knowledge==================

– The link you’ve visited is called “visited link” – its color is always changed by browser. In the example above, the visited link is in purple color (the¬†ones you haven’t visited is in blue color)

5th ques: Can you create a basic xHTML site WITH Style

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Ok! you’ve done your basic xHTML site. Now we’d better make it more styled with CSS.
Can you creat a site like this following one:

Picture of a blank website

April 30, 2007

4th ques: Can you create a basic xHTML website?

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You’re here to learn how to apply CSS to your xHTML file, not to learn how to create a xHTML file, so you must have known about xHTML basic already (I suppose that). This question is to¬†confirm you REALLY know it ūüôā¬† (or not).

Can you create a website like the following one, remember using only xHTML (not styled, we’ll learn how to style it later):

Picture of a web not styled

Create a free website or blog at