Fighting with CSS questions – a way from newbie to master CSS

Blog Structure

I devided my Blog into 4 parts:

1) Asking Mr. Google : I search some common keywords about CSS, look up the results and pick some useful links for u. The keywords will be listed in time-order.

2) ♥ List of Questions: This part is the HEART (♥) 🙂 of my blog, it’s for newbies who want to master CSS (from nothing , maybe abs nothing 😦 – but you’d better know a bit of HTML). The questions will be listed step-by-step, so you (newbies) can follows and understand CSS day-by-day, question-by-question. They may be challenges or stupid question belongs to your mind.

I categorized this one into 10 levels from easiest (level 0) to hardest (level 10) . So you can quickly access what you want.

3) My I bookmark some useful articles about CSS (and webdesign, etc.) I’ve read and make some comments. And it has also some of FF bookmarks I’ve made from famous link resources, so u can download and use it on your FF. They may be interesting with u.

4) CSS in my eyes: I was a Civil Engineer and am being a coder. So some artiles about CSS in civil engineer’s or coder’s point of view may be interesting, don’t them?


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