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April 22, 2007

How to deal with you clients???

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You first should know the type of client you will work with:
Is he/she :

1) The Low-Tech Client

who said: The website looks great! … erm, can you fax it to me???

2) The Uninterested Client

who said: yeah, I dunno… just do it, OK.

3) The Hands-On Client

who said: Can you just angle the camera at 46.5 degree and then make sure
that you …

4) The Paranoid Client

who said: Sure, just sign this … and this … and now initial here ..

5) The Appreciative Client

Who said: Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! Please, bear my children!

6) The Get-a-Good-Deal Client

Who said: Don’t worry about the first part, only half the third part and if
I promise you more work maybe you can give 30% off?

7) The I’ll-Know-It-When-I-See-It Client

Who said: Look, I don’t know what I want … I just know that’s not

8) The Always-Urgent Client

Who said: Great, I need the website built in an hour’s time…That won’t be a
problem, will it?

9) The Decision-By-Committee Client

Who said: Well! I like it but Showna thinks it should be purple

10)The Doormat Client

Who said: Oh! we were too busy to make that deadline? Never mind…I totally

11)The Budget Client

Who said: We love your stuff but we have only $100. Will that works??

12)The You-Should- Be-So-Lucky Client

Who said: Our cread should be payment enough!!!

and then how should you do -> click here to read the detail:



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